#imomsohard on TRAVEL

The good women over at IMOMSOHARD did it again with their video on why NOT to travel with kids. I swear every time I say to my husband “Hey, honey come look at this,” he responds with “Is it a “hard mom” (that’s what he calls it) video?”

Of course I felt this was the only research I needed to do in order to prepare for our upcoming international flight with Harvey. My expectations are low, which is really your best key to success when it comes to most things as a new parent.

As far as preparation goes, things look different than basically every other trip I have ever taken:

Packing List

Before Baby: Packing list?

Now: I swear I am keeping it simple. “Call the airline and add another checked bag.”

Departure Time

Before Baby: “We leave at 4AM and have an 11 hour layover, but the flight was cheap!”

Now: “Our flight is at 2PM so we should probably be at the airport at 8AM.”

In Flight Entertainment

Before Baby: I have Invisibilia cued up, or I might just sleep for 13 hours.

Now: Sophie ­√ The world’s most annoying crinkly sound toy √ Pacifier that my baby refuses to take but might decide he wants √ A stuffed animal…and all his friends. √√√ Should we bring a blender to make baby food on the plane?

Pre-Trip Excitement

Before Baby: “I’m so excited to take this trip together!”

Now: “I’m so excited to take this trip together with our baby!”

I will post our ACTUAL packing list and lessons learned on our first international flight with a baby. I’m excited to share another adventure with Harvey Wild and to introduce him to one of my favorite places. Italy, here we come!

Peace, love and wild wishes,


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