Hi, from Emily, Matt, Harvey Wild and Ziggy Pup.


Countries Visited: 38

Family Friendly Adventure: After seven years of teaching and traveling abroad, mattatdadbods and I returned home to welcome our son Harvey Wild and make room for our wild puppy Ziggy as well. The four of us continue to travel together and love to encourage families to throw out strict schedules and take their kids on adventures. This website is here to document our adventures and provide tips on traveling with and without babies and fur babies.

Family Rules: Get outside. Ask questions. Respect the land. Stay wild.

contact: emily.ruzzamenti@gmail.com

19 Comments on “Hi, from Emily, Matt, Harvey Wild and Ziggy Pup.

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  6. Hi Emily,
    I love your blog and it’s going to be very interesting travelling with you as you journey around the world. I love travelling too but i am yet to traver that wide so as i read along i guess i will be travelling with you on your journeys. I’ll enjoy my trip because you will make me! Thank you for the ride!

  7. Em and Matt,
    I love reading your posts. Thanks for having these adventures and sharing them with us. Hopefully I’ll get to see you guys in August. Happy holidays!

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