Under African Skies: A photo tribute to Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

Paul Simon brought me to Africa. Since I was a wee one, pre-wanderlust, I have enjoyed putting on Paul Simon’s Graceland, kicking off my shoes, and dreaming of Africa. This album conjured all the ideas I ever had of Africa: Grassy plains, shirtless drummers, and super-sized beasts laying in the shade of a single Baobab tree. If this is what Paul Simon was going for when he made this album, he was spot on. Every fantasy I had in my pre-East Africa plans came true on my most recent trip. And because there are no words to describe the feeling of staring into the face of a creature that is larger, older, and wiser than yourself, in a land where you are a minority and the lion is still king, I am going to let my photos from Mikumi National Park speak for themselves. So put on “Under African Skies” and enjoy!

Hopefully by next week I will have my head around this trip and be able to share a bit more. Until then, if you have any logistic questions: Visas, getting into the park, what to bring?, etc… send me an email: emily.ruzzamenti@gmail.com and I will do my best to answer.

4 Comments on “Under African Skies: A photo tribute to Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

  1. Your pictures are amazing. I’ve been reading your blog as I’ve been preparing to go to Abu Dhabi (I’m from OR!) and one of my goals while in the UAE is to get to Africa to go on a safari like this. Thanks for sharing your amazing and inspiring photos!

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